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Sheikh Abu Abdil Alaa visited Al-Ibaanah Centre Sunday.

Alhamdulilah Rabbil Alameen, the Honarable Sheikh Abu Abdil Alaa Khalid bin Uthman visited us this past Sunday.  He advised our students and staff in seeking knowledge and studying with the Salafi Ulema.  He advised strongly for all of us to seek knowledge in Aqeedah, and not to concentrate only on Arabic Language Studies. He answered many questions from our students and staff.  Allahumma barak feehi

MaashaAllah, his lecture and advice was of great benefit.  May Allah preserve our Honorable Sheikh.  Jazaahu Allahu khayr.

Please look forward to  our upcoming post of his recorded lecture, and the question and answer session.  InshaAllah, we will post it soon.

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