Centre Policies

General Policies

Al-Ibaanah Arabic Center provides an academic environment conducive to rapid progress and learning in a wholesome Islamic setting.  In order to preserve an environment based on the principles of seeking knowledge , Al-Ibaanah has established policies  and practices to aid in providing this type of learning environment.  The following are some of our general policies:

  • The teacher/student relationship is very important to a healthy learning environment.  Al-Ibaanah requires that the relationship between the teacher and student remain at all times professional and respectful to maintain the integrity of the educational experience.  Students are required to adopt the manners of seeking  knowledge.  Teachers are required to be examples to their students, encouraging them, instilling in them the love of Arabic and seeking knowledge.  In order to maintain the respectful, professional relationship between student and teacher, the administration requires that the student/teacher interaction remains under the jurisdiction of Al-Ibaanah.   We adopt policies which ensure the utmost educational standards for the benefit of our students.
  • Al-Ibaanah provides separate facilities for male and female students to cater to their academic needs and requirements. The men’s section has an all male administrative and teaching staff.  The women’s section has an all female administrative and teaching staff.
  • Students and staff are held to high standards in behavior, manners, attendance, etc. in order to ensure the best academic atmosphere.

Attendance Policy

In order for students to benefit and progress in their studies, it is of utmost importance that they attend classes on a regular basis.  Our attendance policy is as follows:

  • Students must notify the administrative offices prior to being absent.
  • Excused absences are absences due to illness or illness of one’s children, death in the family, visa renewal, etc.  The student should present a doctor’s note in the instance of illness.
  • A student with more than three excused absences during the six week session will not be permitted to take the exam without special permission from the administration.
  • Students with excessive or unexcused absences will not be permitted to take exams and must repeat the level.
  • Tardiness is not permitted.

Withdrawal Policy

In the instance a student must withdrawal from studies prior to the end of the term, they must notify the administration office immediately of the date of withdrawal from studies.   Students who withdrawal before the end of the term and wish to return to studies within one session, may enter into the next session depending upon place availability.  Students must finish their incomplete level before being permitted to enter into examinations or the next level.

Examination Policy

The purpose of examinations is to assess the students’ overall understanding and comprehension of the material covered in the level of study.  It is not the end goal, the goal is for the student to progress and benefit from his/her studies.

  1. Students are tested in the middle and at the end of the level.
  2. Midterm exams consist of a written exam and an oral exam.  Midterm exams are scheduled at least 13 days from the beginning of the session, and after completion of a comprehensive review prior to the day of the exam.
  3. Final exams are also of two parts: a written exam and an oral exam. Final exams are scheduled at least 13 days from the completion of the midterm exams.
  4. Students are not permitted to advance to the next level without the completion of all examinations of the preceding level.
  5. Students are required to abide by the center’s internal rules for examinations.  If for any reason a student must be absent on exam day, he/she must notify the administration in advance with a valid excuse in order to schedule a make up examination. If the student does not notify the administration prior to the absence or does not have a valid excuse, he/she will not be permitted to take the exam.
  6. The average of midterm and finals exams equal 70% of the overall grade.
  7. A passing mark on any exam is equivalent to 75%.
  8. Any student found guilty of cheating on examinations will be expelled.

Grading Policy

A student daily immersion in the Arabic language is critical to his/her advancement. At Al-Ibaanah, we place emphasis on a students daily participation in class, daily classwork and homework assignments, and quizzes.

Daily participation and assignments contribute to 30% of the overall grade for the level of study.  Examinations contribute to 70% of the overall final grade.  Students earning less than a final grade of 75% will be required to repeat the level.

Al-Ibaanah’s grade scale is as follows:

Excellent                                    95% – 100%

Very Good                                  90% – 94%

Good                                            85% – 89%

Passing                                        75% – 84%

Failing                                          below 75%

Special Policies

(including for  those students who have difficulties in their studies)

At Al-Ibaanah we believe that each and every student can benefit from their studies with us.  We understand that studying a new language, in a foreign land can be difficult.  We offer special counseling and tutoring services to those students who are struggling or need extra help in their studies.  We know that early intervention is the best solution.  We have an open door policy, when our students have difficulties in studies we urge them to schedule an appointment for counseling and advice.  We strive to find the best solution for their difficulty. It is important to us that each and every student has a beneficial learning experience at Al-Ibaanah.

Al Ibaanah Arabic Institute

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Al Ibaanah’s Mission

... to assist in preserving and spreading understanding of the Classical Arabic Language in its purity and beauty.