Teaching Staff

The heart of Al-Ibaanah’s successful educational program is its dedicated, highly trained and educated instructional staff. The educational staff (male and female instructors) consists of honor graduates from the best universities in Egypt. Our instructors have excelled in their personal studies, possessing high academic degrees (Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate degrees) in the Arabic language.

The administration of Al-Ibaanah carefully selects instructors based on their knowledge and love of the Arabic language, dedication and passion for teaching, high moral character and sincerity, and their love for molding and inspiring students to learn the Arabic Language. Each instructor goes through a series of rigorous examinations, character and teaching aptitude screening. Only those instructors who pass each phase of the testing and interviewing process with excellence are selected to begin the comprehensive training sessions in the Al-Ibaanah educational methodology. Our instructional team receives routine monitoring, evaluation, and training sessions, in order to maintain the highest of instructional excellence in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.

NOTE: Al-Ibaanah educational staff is comprised of both a men’s division and women’s division, with separated instruction for male and female students.

Al Ibaanah Arabic Institute

36 Saqaliya Street (from Makram Abeed)
Zone 6
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

Al Ibaanah’s Mission

... to assist in preserving and spreading understanding of the Classical Arabic Language in its purity and beauty.