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Our curriculum research and development team created our pioneering academic programs. The Ibaanah program has been developed to provide our students with the necessary foundation and training needed to enhance rapid learning along with gradual skill building techniques in the areas of verbal articulation, phonetics (makharij), reading and comprehension, writing, grammar, morphology, rhetoric and critical thinking and application in the Arabic language, along with many other important skills. The focus of our program is to provide a complete foundation in the Arabic language, equipping students with all the necessary components for understanding and usage.

Al-Ibaanah’s program consists of three phases of study: Phase One, Phase Two, and Phase Three. The entire academic program consists of 21 levels of study.

Phase One

This phase consists of 10 levels of study, two introductory levels (muqadamah and tamhidi) and level one to level eight. Each of these 9 levels consists of 90 hours of study, with classes being conducted 5 days a week, for 3 ½ hours of study daily. The first phase of study requires approximately 1 – 1 ½ years of continuous studies to complete. Phase One of the Ibaanah program focuses on beginning with the fundamentals of reading, writing, and speaking, gradually strengthening and re-enforcing all components needed for understanding and usage of the Arabic language.

The first two levels of study, Introductory Level and Level 0 (muqadamah and tamhidi) focus on equipping students who have little or absolutely no background in the Arabic language with the fundamentals of correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters (makharij), the fundamentals of reading, correct written formation of each letter, basic everyday vocabulary, with concentration on formation of simple sentences, basic verbal and written expression. Level One thru Level Eight focus on gradual introduction, application, and mastering of the rules of grammar (Nahw), morphology (Sarf), dictation and writing (Imlaa), rhetoric (Balagha) in verbal and written expression. Strong emphasis is placed on comprehension and understanding of simple to complex reading texts, ranging from short stories, literature, Arabic poetry, Quraan, Hadeeth, and other Islamic texts. Special attention is paid to the students listening and speaking development. Intense focus is directed to assist the student in applying each concept and adopting the Arabic language as his/her means of expression without relying on translating into his/her mother language.

After completing this first phase of study, students have a strong foundation in all sciences of the Arabic Language (Fusha) and its usage. Any student that has completed this phase and has been diligent and studious should be able to listen to Arabic lectures, attend sittings of knowledge held by the Scholars and understand, read both secular and religious texts (modern and classical) with strong comprehension, write and speak correctly, applying the principles he/she has studied.

Phase Two:  Advanced Studies

In Phase Two, Al-Ibaanah offers advanced studies in the various sciences of the Arabic Language.  The structure of Phase Two is more flexible, and is similar to university level courses.  Students can select from courses in Grammar (النحو) and Morphology (الصرف), Rhetoric (البلاغة), Modern Literature and Traditional Religious Texts (النصوص), Arabic Poetry (الشعر), Meter and Rhythm of Arabic Poetry (العروض), and Methods in Research Writing and Composition (البحث و طريقة كتابته)  .Students may opt to take the full load of courses during each session or chose to take one, two, three, or all of the required  courses.  The number of hours and scheduling is flexible depending on instructor availability.

Phase Two advanced studies focuses on the revision and expansion of the Phase One curriculum.  Phase Two is based on works of the scholars of Arabic Language and Islamic Sciences, as well as beneficial traditional works from the Scholars of the past .(كتب التراث)Phase Two study is in-depth study of the Arabic Language, with focus on strengthening the student’s understanding and comprehension of the sciences of the Arabic language, Quraan, Ahaadeeth, and complicated literary texts, modern and past, and strengthening verbal expression, compositional skills, and written expression.
After completing this phase of study, a student should have a strong verbal and written command of the Arabic Language, as well as be able to research and study from the works of the Ulema from past and present.

Phase Three

Phase Three consists of  concentrated studies and a hands on training program designed to train our top students as teachers of the Arabic Language to non-native speakers. Only our best students are offered an opportunity to enter this special program.

All Arabic Programs

All Arabic Programs

We use our very own, specially developed and highly effective Arabic language program

Special Programs

Special Programs

Qur'aan, Tajweed, Mutoon, Calligraphy & More! See our Elective Programs.

Ramadhaan Workshops

Ramadhaan Workshops

Tailored workshops during the Month of Ramadhaan.

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