Elective Programs and Courses

In addition to the regular and intensive programs, Al-Ibaanah offers a wide range of elective programs and courses, supplementing and strengthening our regular program.

Al-Mutoon Program

Al-Ibaanah offers a comprehensive program in the studies of Mutoon and their explanation for those students who wish to study in the traditional way of the Scholars. The Mutoon program consists of the traditional stages of study from the basics to the complex and comprehensive. Al-Ibaanah offers studies in the mutoon of nahw (grammar), sarf (morphology), and balagha (rhetoric). For example, the program of study in nahw (grammar) begins with Ajromeeyah (الأجرومية) and follows through the traditional course; Mulhatul-I’raab (ملحة الإعراب), Qatr al-Nada (قطر الندى), Shuthoor ath-Thahab ((شذور الذهب, and Alfiyyah bin Malik ((الألفية. For specific details on this program of study, please contact the Administration of Al-Ibaanah.
The curriculum and methodology of this program of study is especially designed for those students who chose to pursue the path of students of knowledge.
Each class meets five days a week, two and a half hours daily, and varies in duration depending upon the particular Matn and its explanation.

Ta’beer Program (Verbal and Written Expression)

The Ta’beer program of Al-Ibaanah is specially developed to enhance understanding and communication skills, focusing on the application and usage of vocabulary, grammar, morphology, etc. in both verbal and written expression. The concentration is focused upon correct verbal usage and sentence structure, using and applying all vocabulary and rules of grammar learned at each phase in daily conversation, verbal expression and usage. The beginning classes of ta’beer focus on everyday conversation and daily life. The levels in this program of study progress in the construction of conversation, expression of thoughts and ideas, and complex speaking and expression.

Qur’aan Recitation and Tajweed

Al-Ibaanah’s Quraan recitation and Tajweed Program focuses on correct pronunciation and makharij, study and application of the rules of Tajweed, study and memorization of mutoon at- tajweed, Quraan reading and memorization, with concentration on constant revision and correction. The instructors at Al-Ibaanah of Quraan and Tajweed have ijaazah with isnaad. The Quraan program is flexible depending upon the student’s level, and can be tailored as private or group classes. The student can chose from three to five days of study, as well as the number of hours daily.

Arabic Calligraphy

Al-Ibaanah offers comprehensive courses in various types of Arabic Calligraphy (الخط). The series of courses focus on basic fundamental of Arabic writing and correct formation of the letters and their joining, progressing to complex scripts and artistic compositions of various forms of Arabic Calligraphy.

All Arabic Programs

All Arabic Programs

We use our very own, specially developed and highly effective Arabic language program

Special Programs

Special Programs

Qur'aan, Tajweed, Mutoon, Calligraphy & More! See our Elective Programs.

Ramadhaan Workshops

Ramadhaan Workshops

Tailored workshops during the Month of Ramadhaan.

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