Academic Curriculum


Al-Ibaanah’s curriculum research and development team has devoted years in pioneering a comprehensive curriculum and methodology of Arabic language instruction. Al-Ibaanah is one of the only Arabic Language centers using its own instructional materials, textbooks, and innovative teaching methods. The Al-Ibaanah Curriculum meshes traditional educational fundamentals and modern teaching methodologies to provide an overall program that provides for effective learning and usage of the Arabic Language. Our curriculum research and development department constantly reviews and researches the most effective teaching strategies, methodologies, and textbook and instructional aids.

At Al-Ibaanah, we take great interest in the progress of each individual student. We try to ensure that each and every student benefits in their studies, whether they learn at a rapid, moderate, or slow pace. We carefully monitor student and instructor performance. We devote concentrated efforts in fulfilling our responsibilities to our students, and likewise we expect our students to be diligent in fulfilling their academic responsibilities.

Academic Certification

The student population of Al-Ibaanah is culturally rich and diversified, traveling from afar with goals and inspiration to seek knowledge in the Arabic language. Many of our students, after receiving a strong foundation in the Arabic language, travel to various countries of the Arab world, in order to continue their religious and academic studies. Our students have gone on to study in universities in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, as well as the Western countries. Al-Ibaanah Arabic Center is fully licensed and certified by the Egyptian Ministry of Education. Al-Ibaanah is recognized in the East and West as providing high quality academic instruction in the Arabic Language.


Al Ibaanah Arabic Institute

36 Saqaliya Street (from Makram Abeed)
Zone 6
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

Al Ibaanah’s Mission

... to assist in preserving and spreading understanding of the Classical Arabic Language in its purity and beauty.