Current Situation in Egypt

In general, the situation in Egypt has very much improved since the previous political turmoil.  For the most part, both Egyptians and non-Egyptians go about life as normal in Cairo.  The people go to the masjid, work, school, and daily errands without problem.  Our students move about freely, coming to  and going from classes, carrying out their daily errands, attending the masjid, and going to the lectures and lessons of the students of knowledge and the Shuyookh.  Occasionally, small demonstrations break out on Friday after Jumaah prayer.  We advise our students to stay away from crowded areas, and to stay away from people and places known to be associated with demonstrations or unrest.

Al-Ibaanah is located in Nasr city, and our students come to classes safely with little or no problems except for traffic.

Al Ibaanah Arabic Institute

36 Saqaliya Street (from Makram Abeed)
Zone 6
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

Al Ibaanah’s Mission

... to assist in preserving and spreading understanding of the Classical Arabic Language in its purity and beauty.


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