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To All Our Students Who Have Registered For Online Classes

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu,

Allahumma barak feekum.  We appreciate your interest in our new Online Arabic Program.  Alhamdulilah, we have received an overwhelming response to our Online Program, much more than we had originally anticipated. We have received an extremely large number of student registrations.

In order to offer our students the best of service and of studies, the administration has decided to postpone the beginning of the Women’s and the Men’s Online Program until immediately after Ramadan. InshaAllah, CLASSES WILL BEGIN THE FIRST WEEK IN AUGUST. Our desire in doing so is to offer the opportunity to study to all interested students, and not just a select number.

During this time, REGISTRATION IS STILL OPEN. We will continue processing your registrations, answering any of your questions, or concerns, scheduling testing to determine your level of study, and schedule your classes. Our staff will be available to service your needs.

We apologize for this inconvenience and delay. However, we wish to offer all our students the best of education and service.

Jazaakum Allahu khayr for your patience and understanding

Al Ibaanah Arabic Institute

36 Saqaliya Street (from Makram Abeed)
Zone 6
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

Al Ibaanah’s Mission

... to assist in preserving and spreading understanding of the Classical Arabic Language in its purity and beauty.


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